Solar Power Systems can be quite expensive, but don’t let that make you believe that you can’t get affordable solar energy. This article gives you 4 tips to help you save the Earth and at the same time save money. It is a win-win situation all around.

Inexpensive solar energy can be harnessed in a variety of ways.

If you are looking for a residential system, you can get a free quote from good solar energy companies that can install panels at a very affordable rate, for example. Given the current state of technology, and the political and infrastructural bias toward fossil fuels, solar-generated electricity can be costly for individuals. For this reason, installing a whole solar power system in your home may be a bit expensive at this point in time.

Luckily, there are lots of smart steps you can take to save energy and money, increase your personal independence, and do your part to save the planet and secure your country.


  1. Save Money And Energy With A Solar Cooker
  2. Outdoor Lighting Is An Affordable Solar Solution
  3. Make The Best Use Of Passive Solar Even In An Old Fashioned Home
  4. Everyday Passive Solar Solutions Are Affordable And Doable
  5. More from the Web about Affordable Solar Energy

Save Money And Energy With A Solar Cooker


If you like to cook out in your yard, you do not have to support the coal or gas industry by purchasing bags of coal or canisters of gas. Today, you can purchase a solar cooker from many online venues at an affordable price. Solar cookers can roast, boil or even bake, so you can use your solar cooker for cookouts and to take the place of your conventional oven throughout the year. A solar cooker is a small, affordable purchase that can save you lots of money in cooking fuel year in and year out.

Affordable Solar 4 Affordable Solar Tips To Help You Save Money Right Now!

Outdoor Lighting Is An Affordable Solar Solution


Another easy standalone, inexpensive solar solution you can purchase in a box is outdoor lighting. Outdoor solar lighting makes your yard more beautiful and helps keep your home safe from intruders. There are all kinds of solar solutions available in outdoor lighting from attractive path lighting to strong outdoor beams for your porch or the perimeter of your property. Installation is usually extremely simple, and the addition of these lighting options saves energy and money and enhances the quality of your life and the value of your home. They are also incredibly cheap.

Make The Best Use Of Freely Available, Passive Solar Even In An Old Fashioned Home


A really DIY, cost-free solution is to look at all your windows with a critical eye and determine where you get the best and most light. Arrange your furnishings to take the best advantage of the natural heat and light provided by the sun. A cozy chair set in a window makes a nice warm place to read in the wintertime without burning a log or turning up the heat. Taking regular advantage of the heat provided by the sun in the wintertime will help reduce your heating bills significantly. It is sort of self-defeating to get a whole residential solar power system, for example, while you use your available power inefficiently.

In the summer, be sure to install heavy thermal drapes on the window to keep the heat out. If you own your home, install thermal paned windows or storm windows to further help keep the indoor temperature stable. Plant deciduous trees outside of the windows that provide the most light. In this way, you can keep those windows shaded in the summertime, but in the winter when the leaves have fallen, you will still get great light and a boost of heat from this commonsense, affordable solar alternative.

Everyday Passive Solar Solutions Are Affordable And Doable


Oil, coal and natural gas, which is what a majority of people use, are subsidized and so cost us less money (for now). However, because they are finite sources of energy, our dependence on them will cost us more and more in the future, both financially and environmentally (and also politically).

By looking at your home and your energy usage with a critical and imaginative eye, you can discover many ways to turn off the electric switch and replace petroleum fuels with passive, affordable solar alternatives.

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You can also check out this video to see how easy and cheap it can be to make your own affordable solar panels:

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    This information is very helpful. I’ve always been put off by the price of converting to solar energy, but these are great tips to nudge me in the direction I really want to go. Thanks.

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